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Replicator digital effects program.

Sometimes the word "Replicator" is used, but the real name of the program is Repligator. Replicator may have been a better choice, since this digital effects program has image filters which "replicate" various realworld effects and artists.

Unlike many paint programs and effects there are no "layers" or "actions" to worry about, just dialog boxes and a bit of mouse pointing!

Below is just a selection from the 150 effects in total in the program.

Apply a Manga Cartoon effect to your photos You can make your photos look like illustrations in a Japanese Manga cartoon with this Manga Rays Effect. Dynamic Black And White! Simply use the mouse to choose the center of the rays and the sliders for other settings.
Use tihs filter to add dramatic lighting to your images Use the Dark Light Effect adds dramatic lighting to your photos, as you can see from the sample on the left. Position the source of the light with your mouse, and use sliders to change the width of the beam and dark margins
Composite Image Effect The Composite Image Effect (which is not a photomosaic effect) makes your image look as if it is composed of many separate photos. You choose how many photos are created as well as the color and size of the margins etc.
Kaleidoscope Filter Effect The Kaleidoscope Effect will make your photos into wierd and wonderful abstract art with mirrors. It is especially fun with portraits of friends!!
Example of an added photo flash Show off those teeth and the diamond rings with the Star Burst (sometimes called "Photo Flash") effect. With a simple dialog choose the colors, sizes, number of spikes etc.
Add sparkle stars to your images Easily add sparkling stars to your images with the Sparkle Effect filter. Using a single dialog box you can choose the number of sparkes and their colors and so on.
This bathroom glass effect will discreetly hide the subjects of your photos. Choose between vertical, horizontal or both types of distortion.
Andy Warhol Filter Effect Make Andy Warhol style pictures from photos of your friends with the Warhol Type Effect.
The Charcoal Sketch Effect changes your photo into a delicate work of art.
Modern digital photos can sometimes seem pretty lifeless. You can use this Old Film Effect to go back in time with the photos you took yesterday!
Pop Art Effect The Pop Art Filter Effect, Roy Lichtenstein would be proud of you!
Another "nostagia" effect, this Sepia Effect, makes new photos old and romantic!
The Glow Effect is very simple to use but gives a lighter atmospheric effect to your photos.
Easily make vignettes with this fading effect.
The Pencil Sketch Effect,
The Roman Mosaic Effect can turn your photos into works of art thousands of years old.
Take a close look at your photos with the Under Glass Filter.
Give your photos a mysterious strange backlit effect with the Glowing Edges Filter.
The Horizon Ripples effect can submerge the biggest of objects! Or even portraits...
Turn a photo into a painting by Georges Braque!
The Color Reduction Filter can give your photos a clear well defined felling.
The Green Monitor Effect, adds scanlines to your photo as if seen on an old 1980's computer monitor.
The Mach Speed Effect will add a strange distortion to your photos. You choose the center and force and Repligator does the rest!

This is just a selection of the 150 effects in the current version of Repligator (not Replicator!). And remember that there is a free demo you, so you can see just how easy the program is to use.

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"I found Repligator after doing a google search on photo editing software. I really liked it because its unique and has quite a few effects that other photo editors do not have. I'm very pleased with it!"
- V.B.

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