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How to make Pop Art from your graphics and photos

By Pop Art you could mean Andy Warhol type prints or Roy Lichtenstein type graphics. It is easy to do either (or both!), and this page explains how.

First lets look at an example of a set of Andy Warhol type prints:

photo pop art graphics examples

First you have to bring the original image into the program. To do this you can use the file menu or the clipboard or drag and drop. Next you will be asked to choose the effect you want to apply, choose Warhol which will be at the very bottom of the list:

Choose Warhol from the list

Next you can click on the "fine tune..." button to change the colors and the number of prints and even the firmness of Andy's hand!

Here is what the dialog looks like to give you more of an idea:


On the other hand, by "Pop Art" you may mean Roy Lichtenstein type graphics, an example is shown below, but with the center untouched by the effect:

photo pop art graphics (Lichtenstein)

You follow the same sequence as for Warhol, but of course the dialog which pops up is different. Here is an example:

Pop Art Dialog Screenshot

Below are some more examples of what you can get using thie effect (in the list effects it is shown as "Pop Art", though it should maybe be called explicitly the "Roy Lichtenstein Filter".

Roy Type Graphics Lictenstein Type Graphics

The program has a free demo which can be downloaded here.

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