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How to get an "Engraved Effect" for your images.

This technique can be used to create woodcut or linocut effects. Here is an example which takes a rather blurry image of a cat and uses the Engraved Effect filter to produce a much sharper image:

Woodcut Linocut Engraved  Filter Example Image

As you can see from the dialog below the filter is quite easy to use, but lets you choose the settings you want as well.

Woodcut Linocut Filter Settings

You can change line spacing, line width, the basic waviness of the lines, as well as the waviness which results from the underlying image.

For more examples of this effect click here.

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"I was looking for a filter that would replicate woodcut or linocut, after a web search Repligator came up - and I'm glad it did! There are dozens of wonderful filters, I don't know where to start!"

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