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As an absolutely delighted user of Repligator 6 and Repligator 9, I would be even more delighted to receive an upgrade to Repligator 10. I'm sorry I haven't contacted you before to praise your brilliant products. I have five grandchildren and am forever taking photographs of them. Prior to Repligator 6 it was getting to the stage where they were saying "haven't you got enough photos Grandad?" Then I showed them what your programme enabled me to do to their photos!

Now, when I visit I'm greeted with "have you brought your camera?" I have hundreds of photos of my local football (soccer) team and gave them the Repligator 6 & 9 treatment and took the new results to the team for their autographs, To a man they were impressed! THANK YOU!, THANK YOU!, THANK YOU! I have programmes from Microsoft, Ulead, etc,etc. Repligator is the one that gives me the most pleasure. Like a kid I go "Wow" and "brilliant" as I talk to my computer watching all the fantastic transformations to my photos. Keep up your wonderful work.

Kind regards Richard (Rick) Flynn

Heard about the program by accident... was searching online for an easier way to create Warhol effects with photo images. I've done the painstakingly difficult task of enhancing an original jpg image into multiple images using layers in Photoshop, but this is so much faster and easier... what a find!

Thanks again for a great program. Looking forward to experimenting with some of the other features the program has to offer.

- CH

Repligator was WugNet/Microsoft Pick of the Week during the Christmas holidays!

"I'm looking for a little more shazam to spice up my images. Repligator is just the shazam I was looking for!" - Jake Luddington, www.lockergnome.com, March 2001

Repligator is very easy to use. The 150 effects included have names like "colored balls", "clouds", "wood", "ivy", "mist", and "pearls". They range from highly interesting, to unusual, to downright strange. Using the automatic vignette feature, you can generate a variety of interesting border effects. The best way to get a feel for what Repligator can do is to download the demo and try it out for yourself.

Shareware Pick of the Week.- October, 1999

Microsoft and WUGNET Windows 95 Shareware Pick of the Week - October, 1999

Winmag.com Review

Van Gogh to Go -- Yael Li-Ron

So you have a digital camera. Now you have dozens, if not hundreds, of digital photos. Big deal. If you don't edit these images, you're wasting the whole purpose of the medium. Sure, you can open a photo in PhotoShop or Paint Shop Pro and touch it up a bit, but for truly stunning results, you must get your hands on Repligator 6.

Bottom Line: Effortlessly adds stunning effects to images, no talent required.

About.com graphics section


"This one has some pretty cool effects..."

SIAF Awards 1999, Winner

Sia Winner's Logo

Best Graphics Program of 1999

Mass High Tech Journal

Wild and Crazy

"...a wild and crazy program called Repligator...." - John Mello

SuperShareWareAward Icon

5 Eye Rating (Excellent) from Internet EYE Magazine


RocketDownload.Com 5 smile rating!

"There are also no special techniques or tricks to learn, because all of the program's features are straightforward and easily accessible" - Nick Smith

Version 6 was Update of the Week, April 2000

4 Cows at TuCows


5 Stars * * * * *

"All in all, for a measly $9.99 US, you can have a great little graphics tool either for creating web page graphics or as I sometimes do, just to play around with and see what I can come up with." - Louise Wilson

SoftExpressions Quilting Site

Soft Expressions Logo

"Wow talk about ease-of-use and outstanding images for new inspirations. The exciting new images ideas started my creative juices flowing. I was instantly sold on the value of Repligator for innovative quilt ideas." - Sharla Hicks

PCWorld On-Line

PC World Screen Shot

Editor's Pick


ZDNet Editors Pick!

"Four Star Rating, simple and logical to use" - Ted Tatman

ZDNET Download diary.

ZDNET review.


"OK, folks. It's true. Repligator is about the closest thing to a software-based visual hallucinogen you're going to find. But please, don't abuse it...that's not really why it's sold." - David Fiedler, Software review, Editor-in-Chief, WebDeveloper.com

Quality Shareware

Quality Shareware Approved!

A full review of Repligator (Version 3.7) by Quality Shareware. Please note that the current version is V 6.


"Get it!" - Windows95.com program rating, WinFiles.com.

The Financial Review - Australia

"Repligator, a truly awful name for a clever graphics tool...If you are a graphically challenged person looking for the fastest way to produce some eye catching images for a catalogue electronic publication or website, Repligator is good value at US$29 (V 3.0)" - Peter Moon

Stephanie Dawson

"Klee (a Repligator effect) is great. Within two minutes playing time I had a great picture" - Stephanie Dawson, USA.

Mike Owen

"Thanks so much for making artistry so easy!"

Robert de Jong

"It is like getting a little present each time you press F7" - Robert de Jong Industrial Design, Holland

Vedran Vucic

"I found some transformations very useful since they produce wonderful textures and changes of background." - Vedran Vucic.

Frank Perry

"Repligator is a stunning program." - Frank Perry, Liverpool, England

William La Rue

"This is one of the best programs I have received via Shareware in along time." - William La Rue, USA

Kay Vinson

"I was so impressed by it that I had to have it. I design a quarterly newsletter, about 1000 copies, and I was looking for shortcuts, instead of hours of work using Photoshop for some of the illustrations that I include. Repligator was just what I was looking for." - Kay Vinson, Australia.

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Roy Lichtensten Effect

How to add a photo flash to an image

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