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Here's how to get the vignette photo effect.

There are actually many different versions of this effect, and each is simply controlled with a single dialog box. At last no more "layers" or "selections" to worry about!

In each case bring your image into the program's main window and select the effect you want to apply. For example the Sepia Effect:

Vignette Image Effect (sepia)

You may want to get a smooth edge and a color photograph. In that case simply choose the Web Fade Effect:

fade to white vignette image effect

The dialog box for the web fader is very simple:

Vignette Image Filter Dialog Box

Apart from these standard vignettes the program allows you to make vignettes using any of the other effects available (and version 18 has 150 !).

For example the Blue China (or "spode") filter has similar settings to the Sepia Filter for framing, and you can get images like this:

You can even apply the result of the Blue China Filter to the Web Fade Filter to get an image like this:

Using the mix settings in the dialog, if you select Elliptical Vignette only the outer edged of the image will have the effect applied. For example, with the Stardust Filter, or the Warhol Style Filter, you would get an images like these:

Since you can make a vignette out of any photograph using any effect, the possibilities are endless. Look at this dialog box:

Select Elliptical Vignette

And the result:

Finally, the V icon in the toolbar will setup the dialogs for you, all you have to do is click on the V icon and select the image you like:

If you want the effect of just blurring the edged of a photograph then have a look at this article. The article "Fade To Page" may be of interest to you to.

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Warhol Type Effect

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