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The Van Gogh Effect

This is another name for the "Mad Artist" filter. Here is an example:

Van Gogh Effect Examples

Repligator lets you mix the original image with the filtered image, which is sometimes required because the original is totally transformed by Van Gogh's enthusiasm! Here is the dialog which we used to create the image above. Note the Even Mix setting at 41% in the bottom right corner of the dialog:

Van Gogh Mix Effect Example

Sometimes you want a less dramatic effect than applying the Van Gogh filter over the whole photo, maybe you want simply a Van Gogh type frame. In this case just change the mix settings to Circular Vignette as shown in the dialog below. (At bottom right of the dialog box you can see Circular Vignette has been selected):

Van Gogh Vignette Dialog Settings.

The result is shown below:

Van Gogh Vignette Example

This Mad Painter effect is just one of 150 effects available in Repligator. The demo is free and you can download it from this page.


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