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How to get a Sky Writing effect

Here is an example of the effect:

Sky Writing Effect

Simply bring in your text as an image, normal black text on a white ground is fine. Then choose the Clouds Effect from the list in the center of the filter choice dialog box:

Sky Writing Filter Choice

Next click on the Fine Tune button and choose the colors and other settings. Here is an example which gives us the effect shown above:

Sky Writing Settings

Unfortunately this is one of the effects where the preview is not very accurate, and you must click on OK to see if it is exactly what you wanted. They effect is less like vapor trails and more like balloon trails, but interesting for all that! Here are some more examples with different settings:


Once you have chosen the filter you like, in this case "Clouds" you can quickly experiment with the parameters simply by clicking on the "tickle" icon in the toolbar:

In total there are 150 effects to try out, See also Cloud Vignettes. This effect has been used to make a book cover, click here to find out how. Here is another page of skywriting images...



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