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Use Repligator's 150 effects (listed below) to quickly and easily jazz up your images and digital photos with amazing effects!
(Click on the each image to find out more about each effect)

This engraving filter one can can give your modern photos an old style engraved print look.
It is easy to add Lens Flare to your photos now. Choose the colors and positions and sizes of your flares at will!
Sepia Filter Effect The Sepia Effect, make new photos old and romantic! Choose from 4 types of vignette edge, as well as the sharpness of the edge and the actual vignette coloring.
Andy Warhol Filter Effect Make Andy Warhol style pictures from photos of your friends with the Warhol Type Effect.
Radial Blur The Radial Blur Effect will make your photos very very dizzy! Choose the center of the blur as well as the amount of blur.
Apply a Manga Cartoon effect to your photos You can make your photos look like illustrations in a Japanese Manga cartoon with this Manga Rays Effect. Dynamic Black And White!
Use tihs filter to add dramatic lighting to your images The Dark Light Effect adds dramatic lighting to your photos, as you can see from the sample on the left.
Composite Image Effect The Composite Image Effect (not to be confused with the photomosaic effect) makes your image look as if it is composed of many separate photos. You can choose the background color etc.
Duotone example This simple to use Duotone Effect Filter makes "duotoning" your monochrome or color images a matter of a few mouse clicks and two color choices!
Polaroid simulation example Make your new photo look like a faded Polaroid photo from the 1980s with the Eighties Photo Effect.
Kaleidoscope Filter Effect The Kaleidoscope Effect can make your photos into wierd and wonderful abstract art with mirrors. It is especially fun (and disturbing) with portraits!
Example of an added photo flash Show off those teeth and the diamond rings with the Star Burst (or Photo Flash) effect. Choose the colors, sizes, number of spikes etc., all via a simple single dialog box. It could not be easier, no "layers" or "actions" to worry about.
scanlines With this effect you can rubber stamp your images, with or without a frame, with any font you choose and any color you choose, any roughness, and of course any text!
scanlines The Shadow Bars Effect can make an image look more mysterious and private. You can choose the angle, size, blurriness of the bars.
scanlines The High Pass Filter can add interest and drama to you images.
scanlines The Green Monitor Effect is a way of converting your image to scanlines as if they were on an old green monitor. Old orange monitors are catered for too!.
Add sparkle stars to your images Easily add sparkle to your images with the Sparkle Effect filter. Using a single dialog box you can choose the number of sparkes and their colors and so on.
Discreetly hide the subjects of your photos using this Bathroom Glass effect!
The transparent colorful framer adds frames of color with various decorations to your image.
You multiple colors to colorize your images horizontally or vertically.
Andy Warhol Filter Effect Make Andy Warhol style pictures from photos of your friends with the Warhol Type Effect.
Andy Warhol Filter Effect Multitone adds amazing colors to your photos. A strange rainbow chrome effect results.
Andy Warhol Filter Effect Pastel Sketch will turn your images into delicate pastel art.
Andy Warhol Filter Effect Radial Ink Sketch can give an old tyme but dynamic look to ordinary images
Andy Warhol Filter Effect Scrap Art.
Andy Warhol Filter Effect Spiral Engraving.
Andy Warhol Filter Effect Textured Distortion.
Andy Warhol Filter Effect Tiles.
This Emboss Effect has two colors and two light directions to give you more interesting and rich images.
Get your photos in the newspapers with the Newsprint Effect!
The Bevelled Edges Filter, makes your photo look as if it is in a modern photo frame.
The Charcoal Sketch Effect changes your photo into a delicate work of art.
Look at your photographs through the Cylindrical Mirror Effect.
The Old Film Effect.
The Paul Klee Painterly Effect.
The Stardust Effect.
The Stubble Brush Effect.
The Segmented Effect.
The Ragged Edges Effect.
Pop Art Effect The Pop Art Filter Effect.
The Motion Blur Effect.
Add interesting textures to your photos with the Textured Effect.
The Glow Effect.
Easily make vignettes with this fading effect.
The Bubbles Effect can make boring text fizz with life!
Create an old style version of your photograph using the Engraved Effect.
The Blur Effect could not be more simple to use, just slide the blur slider!
The Colored Chrome Effect.
The Pencil Sketch Effect,
The HSV Blur Effect.
Add Striations to the edges of your photos.
The Roman Mosaic Effect can turn your photos into works of art thousands of years old.
The Mad Painter effect turns your photos into artworks by Vincent Van Gogh.
Put your friends underwater with this effect!
The Fauves Effect.
The Double Gradient Effect
Take a close look at your photos with the Under Glass Filter.
The Rough Sketch Effect.
Psychedelic Graphics Effect
The Psychedelic Watercolor Effect.
The Image Chaos Effect.
Add lightning in the strangest places with this effect.
The Cross Stitch Effect turns your photo into a craftwork!
The Futurist Effect.
The Miss Registration Effect.
The Transparent Split Effect.
The Spectral Transform Effect.
Psychedelic Art Effect
Give your photos a mysterious strange backlit effect with the Glowing Edges Filter.
The Horizon Ripples effect can submerge the biggest of objects! Or even portraits...
The Tekno Fragmentation Effect.
The Tinted Negative Effect.
The Fallen Leaves Effect
The Peeling Plaster Effect
The Ivy On A Wall Effect
The Primitive Art Effect
The Vorticist Effect turns your image into a work of art from the 1920s.
Add a strange ellipse of light which hint at UFO origins with this effect.
The Spiders Web Effect
The Clouds Effect lets you draw with clouds, even better than Sky Writing!
The Embroidery Effect.
The Op Art Effect.
The Flowers Effect can give you Archimboldo like images.
Add muddy pawprints to your photos with this Paws Effect,
The Net Effect (no pun intended).
The Polka Dot Effect.
The Emergence Effect
The Edges Effect.
The Colored Balls Effect, paint with them!
The Explosion Filter.
The Modrian Filter
The Liquid Energy Effect
Add beautiful colored frames with the Ethnic Patterns effect.
The Ditisies Effect.
Change simple letters into wood with the wood effect,
Show your digital photos through an infra red miltary filter!
The Fallen Letters Effect.
The Dalmation Effect.
The Cubist Effect.
The Digital Cubist Effect.
The Crazy Paving Effect.
Add captions to you photos with this effect, and make them look like stamps with serrated edges too.
The Blue China effect can turn a modern photograph into an illustration on an 18th century teapot.
Colored Beads
The Color TV effect, changes your picture into a closeup of a trinitron sceen!
The Colored Contors Effect
Turn a photo into a painting by Georges Braque!
Diamond Drips
The Color Reduction Filter can give your photos a clear well defined felling.
Let the dice show your image.
The Banya Effect based on an artwork by Victor Vasarely.
The Balla Effect will make images look as if they have been painted by the futuris artist Giacomo Balla.
The Abstract Art Effect can frame your images in moulticolored shapes and floating colors.
The Spirals Effect.
The Number Puzzel Effect.
The Liquid Drops Effect.
The Bridget Riley Effect.
The Pearls on Silk Effect.
The Kasemir Malevic Effect.
The Mach Speed Effect
The Rorschach Effect.
The Reyes Effect.
The Noise Effect.
The Mist Effect.
The Swarms Effect.
The Pixelise Effect.
The Pointillism Effect.
Jackson Pollock Filter The Jackson Pollock Effect.
The Rainbow Effect.
The Relief Map Effect.
The Sliced Effect
The Snowflakes Effect.
The Sonar Effect.
The Spiralize Effect .
The Text Shadow effect puts shadows on uneven surfaces
The Victor Vasarely effect turns portraits into Op Art masterpieces..

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