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Images of pets transformed

These images taken with a digital camera and then easily, quickly and simply transformed with some of the 150 effects available. Even a poor photo of a nice horse can be enlivened by the BlueChina effect:

Another "old style" effect is the Sepia Filter:

Here are some photos taken by one of our customers, Jenifer Winterbine, and modified using the various effects of Repligator. This first one used the Flowers Effect:

And you can get Andy Warhol to do a special portrait of your cat:

Andy Warhol's cat

And talking to my cat is like talking to a brick wall!

And have you ever heard of the Horse Head Nebula? This was created using the Stardust Filter.
Horse Head Nebula

And if Andy Warhol did a multiple screen print version of you and your dog?

Ginka and Oreste Andy Warhol Version

All of this as easy as pushing a single key and choosing the images which Repligator suggests. Why not try the free demo now?


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