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Shiny Golden Skin Effect

A customer asked me: "I am trying to achieve a 'metallic paint' effect on the skin/face of a model (a la James Bond Goldfinger" or the tin man face from wizard of oz)...any suggestions?"

One thing you can do is try the "Colored Chrome" effect, setting the color to orange or orange-yellow. Here is the dialog for that effect:

How to add a metallic skin effect to a photo

Of course you will have to play with the ripple sizes, color boost and so on, to get just the effect you are looking for. You can see another example, with different settings, below:

Golden Skin Effect

If you want you can mix the original image with the filtered image by using the controls in the bottom right of the dialog box, as you can see below:

Glowing Face Effect

The three controls under the preview image (and these controls and preview exist for all 150 effects) let you mix the images together in a myriad of ways.

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