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This program can be used to modify images (with any of 150 effects) which can then be imported into embroidery programs for creating unique and personal craftwork.

Since the program can save its images as BMP files, embroidery and sewing programs which read BMP image files can use these images as sources of artwork.

So to the question:

"Can designs/photos manipulated in Repligator be imported into machine embroidery digitizing programs?"

the answer is YES! An even better the answer is "Don't believe us, try the demo for free and see for yourself!"


150 Easy Effects

How to create a Newsprint version of a photograph
Newsprint Effect

How to create an Andy Warhol version of your photograph
Andy Warhol Screen Print Effect

Background Designer
Background Designer

Duotone EffectHow to make a duotone image

Roy Lichtensten Effect


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