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With this program can quickly apply any of 150 Special effects to your digitial or scanned photos. Read more below:

If you like Andy Warhol, Pop Art, Pollock and Op Art, what is interesting here is the simplicity of use, simply bring in the image (open the file or drag it into the main window, or use the clipboard) then choose the filter you are interested in.

See the images below and click on the ones which interest you to find out more about that particular filter

The Pop Art Effect (sometimes called the Roy Lichtenstein Filter):
Pop Art Bananas

The Warhol Style Effect (sometimes called the screenprint filter):

The Jackson Pollock Effect (sometimes called the paint-drip filter):

The Op-Art Effect (like Victor Vasarely):


Of course you may like a less modern look to your photographs, in which case you should try the Sepia and Old Film and Textured Image filters.

Sepia Effect Filter:Old Film Filter Old Textured Photo Effect

100 Graphics Filters

Duotone EffectHow to make a duotone image

Roy Lichtensten Effect

Background Designer

Scanlines Effect Filter
Scanlines Effect

How to create a sepia vignette from a normal photograph
Sepia Vignette Effect

How to apply Artistic Effects easily and simply to your images

How to add a photo flash to an image

How to add sparkle to a photograph



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