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An easy way to change photos to sepia.

Simply open your image file and select the Sepia effect. Here are some examples:

Sepia with oval frame

The original of the smiling girl above was a full color photograph with no frame, as you can see it has been turned into a sepia photograph with an oval frame. In the example below you can see that even a black and white photo can be turned sepia:

The dialog box is quite simple, as you can see below:

When you click on "Set Default Colors" the normal sepia colors are used in creating the new image. Howver you can use this same dialog to create a duotone effect:



But now back to the normal sepia effect, and some more examples:

The above example shows an oval frame, but you could just have easily chosen a different shape:

Here is a list of all 150 effects of the program, and you can download the free demo here.


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