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The Andy Warhol treatment, how to apply it to your photos.

Sometimes you want a quick way to create a unique present for a friend or relation. Now how about an Andy Warhol style applied to the photo of the loved one, or a love object (automobile, bike, house, etc)? With this program the Andy Warhol treatment is easy to apply to any of your photographs or other images on your computer.

First run Repligator and drag the image into the main window of the program. If you are using the Home version ($9.95) , or the PRO version with the wizard turned on, you will be guided through a few steps to choose the area of the image to use as well as any rotation you need to do. In the example shown below the only thing we had to do was the crop:

Andy Warhol Steps

Then you will get to this dialog where you must choose the effect to use. In this tutorial we want the Warhol effect:

Select the "Warhol Style" filter

Now you can either experiment with what the program suggests by clicking on the "Next Example" button, or you can click directly on the "Fine Tune" button.

If you click on "Fine Tune" you will get this dialog which lets you adjust the settings of the Warhol Filter:

Where "Warhol Style" settings are changed

As you can see you can easily change the number of images created, how many colors there are in each image and whether or not Andy's hand is "strong" or "weak". To change the actual colors you can either use the "Color Randomise" button or click on the sub image and change the colors right there. I did this in the following screenshot:

After a bit more fiddling I got the final image:

Repligator has a free demo so you can try this tutorial yourself at no risk. It also has 136 other filters!


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Background Designer

"I found Repligator after doing a google search on photo editing software. I really liked it because its unique and has quite a few effects that other photo editors do not have. I'm very pleased with it!"
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