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How to convert an Excel table of points to a DXF file.

You can do this quickly and easily using Pointor. Download and install the free version then simply copy the table in Excel (control-C) and paste it (control-V) into the main window of Pointor. (Remember to select the rows and columns you need in your Excel table!)

As you can see from the graphical overview of the program below you view the points before saving them as a DXF file:

List of Excel points to DXF file

Before you save the DXF file you can also add axes and grid lines, if you want:

Preview the Excel DXF conversion before saving

Of course you can choose the size, layer and color of the grid lines and the text and the points:

Change layer names, text sizes etc before saving...

You can simply leave the default options if you want a simple direct transfer. Once you have the points in the program you can save them as a DXF file using the File menu.

Here is a real world example of Pointor being used for aerofoil manufacture.

There is a free demo available...

...so you can try out your data before buying ($69.99), and if you have any questions about formats don't hesitate to contact me. The program runs under Windows XP, VISTA and 7.

Pointor Home Page

"I found the Pointor program by doing a Google search for 'pts to dxf' while trying to find perl code to do the same. I had 11,000 points from an image processing job that I needed to write out to a dxf file and couldn't find the perl code to do it. The program did exactly what I needed!"








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