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Topographical csv data to DXF conversion

You may need to convert a CSV file from a Topographical program or instrument into a DXF file which you want to view or manipulate in your CAD program. Here is how to do it in the case that it is a GPL11 CSV file, for other formats see the side bar.

All you need to do is drag the file into Pointor and select the appropriate settings. In this case the settings are:

Import Topographical Data

The settings are:

  1. Format = PNEZD
  2. Activate the Desc.Change=New Line/Polyline check box.
  3. Delimeter is a comma.
  4. Decimal separator is point.
  5. Insert as 3D.
  6. Start reading at row 3.

If you look at the actual file you can see why these settings have been used. Here are the first few lines:

GPL11 format

Pointor actually ignores START PATH and STOP PATH, so it was ok to set the Start reading at row to 3, 4 would have had the same effect. There is clearly a point number in the first column and x y coordinates in the second an third columns.

For some reason there are two z columns (Altitude, Altitude) but that works to our advantage because the second altitude column is read as a description column by Pointor. The Desc.Change=New Line/Polyline check box will split lines at different altitudes into different polylines in the DXF file.

Now click on OK and Pointor will show you the DXF file:

Split polylines

Now use the file menu to save the DXF file.

There are many other options, for example you may not want to split the sequence of points into separate polylines, and you may want to add axes and a grid, and you may want to see the points explicitly:

Topographical Overview

Zooming in you can see the details of your data:

Topographical Details

There is a free demo, and the full version costs $69.99. So you can try the software before buying it. If you have some point data you would like to view in Pointor, but are you unsure as to which format to try please contact me. Even if we do not support that format yet almost all the formats Pointor can read and write have been suggested by customers.




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