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How to import data from a Topcon Data Collector into AutoCAD

One of our customers asked if we knew how to import GPS data from a Topcon Data Collector into AutoCAD. Luckily the job is made very easy with Pointor. Read the file in, or copy and paste the text, and voila! your text data is graphically visible on the screen. Then it is simply a mouse click to send this data to a DXF file for import into AutoCAD (or any GIS CAD which accepts the DXF file format).


Topcon To CAD


With Pointor you can choose between Northing-Easting or Easting-Northing order. Pointor also accepts formats which use three column Code X Y and Code Y X formats. Apart from a text preview there is also a visual preview (see above) so you are sure the points you are importing are correct.

To import lists of points from Excel or Access simply use the clipboard. Select the rows and columns you want to see and copy-paste them into Pointor (and maybe save as a DXF file).

This very same program can of coutse be used to create files for IntelliCAD.

Click here to see import file dialog.

See also the DXF to TopCon page.

From a happy customer: "I was working on a surveying class project and I needed to input 400 points. And I did not want to do it one at a time. I am new to AutoCAD but I was just about able to stumble through the process. With Pointor though, it was a doddle!. Thank you."


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