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Point List Conversion

Although Pointor is a point list viewer and DXF file creator it can also be used to convert between various point list formats, i.e. as a point list converter. From Version 7 onwards you can save the list of points which you have brought into the program in PNEZD, PENZD, CXY, CXYZ, CR5 and other formats.

Point List Conversion, selecting the output format

This came about almost by accident, because we added the creation of point lists from DXF files as a new feature. But if you have created a point list from a DXF file then of course you will want to save it. E voila! Just use the File menu "Open Points File" item and then the "Save Point List" also in the File menu.

You can also copy the pointlist to the Windows clipboard it you don't want or need the intermediate file:

Point list conveter

If you use the clipboard you will not be able to select CR5 though, as CR5 is not a format which can be copied to the clipboard. As you can see below the CR5 checkbox is missing:

Point List Converter Screenshot

If you have a format which is not covered in Pointor then just let us know. Get the free demo by clicking on the button below:

Pointor has applications in GIS, Archeological mapping, mechanical engineeing, life sciences and many other fields.


"I was looking for an application that is able to turn .csv files to .dxf - and Pointor does!" - Michael

Archeology and Pointor

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