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Importing XYZ into Autocad

Sometimes you need to import a list of points (maybe from an Excel spread sheet, an Access database table, the text file of a GIS instrument or such like) into a CAD program like AutoCAD. The easiest way is to do this is with a Pointor. (For the reverse direction from DXF to CSV to point list see this page.)

Pointor reads the list of points, shows you the points graphically and then lets you save them in a DXF file. After that all you have to do is drag the DXF file into the CAD program of your choice. The diagram below shows how simple it is.

List of geometric points to DXF file

Before saving the points as a DXF file you can (if you want) change the layers and sizes and type of annotations in the file, adding a grid and axes for example. If the dialog below looks complex you can simply leave the default values.

So, within seconds, you have your DXF file from the list of points. Note that the list need not come from a file, it can come from the Windows clipboard.

You can add different data sets within the same DXF. So if you have, say, three lists of points all three lists can be shown within the same drawing. Of course you can also opt to have 3 different DXFs if you want.

Click here for a full explanation of the options.

A free demo is available so you can test the program on your own data:

"I had a load of points I had collected and imported in Excel, I needed to plot them in AutoCAD. Pointor is perfect for that job!"

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