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How to import x-y points into a CAD (for example AutoCAD)

This program takes your list of points (maybe a list of x-y points in a text file or an Excel spreadsheet) and creates imports a DXF file from them. You can view the DXF file graphically and then save it so that it can be imported into a CAD program like AutoCAD or MicroStation or Rhino.

Here is a schematic of what the program does:

Overview of importing x-y points

There is a free demo of Pointor here. You can use Pointor for GIS data and engineering data, too of course.

The latest version gives you a graphical preview of the data before you import:

Text and graphical preview of  pointlist





A mapping and topology utility for GIS systems.

Code-X-Y to DXF file conversion.

GIS and Archeology



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