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GIS Viewer/Convertor screenshots.

The program gives quick and easy control of the view of your list of points. Below are some screenshots which illustrate this. The first step is to select the format of the list of points. The text panel on the right of the screenshot below gives you immediate feedback making choice of format very easy.

Selecting the format of your GIS point list

(Of course Pointor remembers your format choices so you don't have to set them up every time you use the program.)

The next step is simply to click on OK and see the points graphically on your screen:

Viewing the GIS data points:

It does not end there, because you can change various options as shown below:

If all you want to do is view the list of points you can stop here, but the program also lets you save the list as a DXF file. DXF files are easy to import into CAD programs like AutoCAD, IntelliCAD, Rhino, MicroStation. Simply click on the File Save DXF File menu item:

How to save the points as a DXF file.

It really is that easy. The demo of Pointor is free, with no requests for names or email addresses. So you can try before you buy ($69.99).

If you have a specific format you would like supported don't hesitate to contact me!

Here is more details about how to import x-y points into AutoCAD.




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Point List Conversion

GP11 to DXF




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