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DXF to Pointlist, how?

With this program it is super easy, though the entities recognised are quite limited at the timw of writing. You just use the File menu, Get Points From Dxf File item then choose the sort of entities you want to recognise as points. As you can see from the dialog below you get POINT, CIRCLE and POLYLINE entities, and we have just added TEXT entities:

DXF 2 XYZ, Import DXF into a list of points

If you want Pointor to recognise other sorts of AutoCAD DXF entities just let us know.

Although it can be used to create DXF files from pointlist files by dragging the pointlist files into the main window, if you drag a DXF file into the main window Pointor recognises that what you want to do is create a point list file from it.

It can import AutoCAD DXF 2010 files with no problems and if you want to try with your own files imply download the demo by clicking on the button below:

Download the DXF 2 XYZ conversion program now


From a happy customer: "I was working on a surveying class project and I needed to input 400 points. And I did not want to do it one at a time. I am new to AutoCAD but I was just about able to stumble through the process. With Pointor though, it was a doddle!. Thank you."



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