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How to create a polyline from some points...

Sometimes you have a list of points and want to create a connected polyline from them. The points could be in an Excel spreadsheet, and Access table, a text file of points or anything similar. If the points are in a file simply drag the file into Pointor's main window and you will be able to choose the appropriate format in the dialog which pops up:

Polyline creation options

s If you get the points from Access or Excel then simply copy the points into the clipboard and paste them into Pointor. You will get the same dialog as the one above.

Now you can click on DXF Options, and in the dialog which pops up choose "Polyline" as shown below at the top left of the dialog:

Polyline selection layers and colors

Click on OK and you'll get your polyline made from a list of points:

Viewing the polyline, zooing and panning

If you don't want the grid and axes simply switch them off using the options dialog (last icon on the right in the toolbar).






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