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How to convert a coordinates table to Autocad or DXF points

Sometimes you get given a list of coordinates and you need to draw them graphically. Maybe the points come to you in a normal text file or an Excel spreadsheet. Well this program will do all the hard work for you. It will read the list of points, show them to you graphically and let you save them as a DXF file. This DXF file can be read in by most CAD systems.

Here is an overview of what Pointor does:

Overview of point import to DXF

The program does not read Excel files directly, you select the cells you want in Excel and then do a standard Windows (XP or VISTA) copy and paste. Of course Pointor will work with any program which lets you copy tables to the clipboard.

Pointor can also read many standard text format files, like CSV, PRN, TXT etc. Here is an example of the main dialog which pops up when you have imported a list of points:

List of points to DXF, format selection

As you can see there is graphical preview of how the points will be imported, so you get a good idea that you have chosen the right format. The button near the top right of the dialog is labelled "DXF Options..." and lets you change layers, text sizes, grids etc. This is shown below:

Layers, text sizes and grids and so on...

You can decide the colors, grid position, tick sizes and so on. You can even use the point description in the file to create layer names.

A free demo is available, so you can test it with your own data, and you can buy the full version here.


Customer quote:
"I found your software via a google search for 'import points into Autocad'. I use the package to bring a list of PNEZD points that I collect with Survey equipment into AutoCAD drawings."




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