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A BRK file viewer with DXF file output.

Often an ascii file with .dtm extension containing che (x-y-z) coordinates of some generic points also comes with an ascii file with .brk extension containing the (x-y-z) coordinates of some break-line points. Sometimes you need to create a DXF (containing multiple polylines) of the .brk file. This program can do that for you:

.BRK graphical viewer with DXF output

Simply import the .BRK file using the File | Open menu and select "XYZ.BRK" as the format and "Polylines with breaks" as the linetype you want to use in your DXF file.

As you can see in the image above the fourth column of the file simply contains ones and zeroes, and these tell the program to start a new polyline (1) or to continue the current polyline (0).

Pointor also has an option for skipping the initial rows of the data, which was useful in the above example because the first 6 lines contain comments.

A free demo is available here so you can test it with your very own data, and the full version, $69.99) can be bought securely on line here.






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