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How to Add Point Number/Codes To Lists Without Them.

Some point list formats do not have point numbers (or point codes) in them, the XYZ format for example. I'll show you how to use Pointor to add a column of points to the 3 columns of XYZ data, though of course the same technique will work with other numberless/codeless point list files.

Step 1: Open your XYZ file in Pointor.

Step 2: Use the point list icon XYZ files viewingto confirm that there are no codes in the list, just coordinates.

Step 3: Use the Edit | Copy Pointlist to Clipboard menu utem:

Point lists without codes

Step 4: Choose PXYZDF format in the dialog which pops up, and probably the tab separator as shown below:

Point lists with codes and numbers

(In the above dialog it is the P of PXYZDF which adds the point numbers.)

Step 5: Use the Edit |Paste List of Points... menu item:

Inserting a pointlist

Step 6: Set the dialog which pops up to look like this:

Options for Pointlists and DXF

Step 7: Confirm that your new pointlist has codes by clicking on the DXF point list viewing icon. You'll see the first column now has unique numbers for each point:

Pointlist screenshot, how to view point lists graphically

A free demo is available:

An overview which shows how simple Pointor is.

Another example of the ease of use of Pointor


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